Nominated: Jay Lynn / North Carolina - August 22, 2017

Idaho extradited an offender from Florida on a violation that we should not have submitted to our court as the violation happened before the Idaho crime. The extradition took 249 days and the offender lost her housing and her vehicle during the extradition process. Idaho reached out to North Carolina DCA Jay Lynn and Commissioner Timothy Moose, requesting if North Carolina would allow an offender whose mother moved to North Carolina two weeks prior be given reporting instructions before the transfer request was submitted.

Nominated: Candice Alfonso and Monique Griffith / New Jersey - August 15, 2017

DCA Candice Alfonso and Monique Griffith from the NJ Probation Compact Office worked closely with PA to get a combative female offender returned to NJ on a NJ warrant. When PA agents initially arrested the offender on the NJ warrant, she kicked over the water cooler in the office, threw water on a computer and became aggressive with the office staff. When the agents attempted to have her detained she claimed she was pregnant and miscarrying so she was taken to a hospital where she refused treatment.

Nominated: Lisa Gros, Vince Paladino, Lori Lehmann / Michigan - August 7, 2017

Lisa Gros, Vince Paladino and Lori Lehmann from Michigan acted expeditiously to obtain a fully extraditable warrant for an offender being supervised in PA to protect a victim who feared retribution by this offender. MI immediately reviewed the Progress Report and the Violation Report that were submitted and within less than an hour had the warrant entered. It would have been rule complaint for MI to direct the offender's return; however, due to the victim's fear of retribution by the offender, Michigan agreed without hesitation to retake in custody.

Nominated: Richard Kinner / Tennessee - January 27, 2016

This is a complex case of an offender who was 14 when she was convicted. Her mother was her co-defendant and is incarcerated within the Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC). The offender has been with the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) since being arrested and when she turns 18 she will be released to extended family in Tennessee.

Nominated: Brandon Watts / Texas - May 1, 2017

On Thursday April 27, 2017 @ 11:23 a.m. I contacted Brandon via e-mail regarding an offender who was wishing to transfer to Texas who had a release date of May 2, 2017. Our office has been in a state of transition due to the loss of a staff member. As s result demands have been higher on existing staff. The offender’s case was inadvertently overlooked until April 27th when it was discovered that the TREQ had not been completed as thought. As such I reached out to Brandon who in the past has been absolutely fantastic to work with regarding cases.