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Victim Information

Pat Tuthill, ICAOS Victims’ Representative

Following the tragic murder of her daughter, Peyton Tuthill in 1999, Pat Tuthill has been referred to as an “outspoken” activist and advocate of the Interstate Compact for Adult Supervision (ICAOS), traveling the nation and visiting with state policymakers. After 20 years in Human Resources, as Director of Human Resources for a medical center, she resigned in 2001 to pursue her passion as a legislative activist, speaker and advocate for victims and public safety. Ms. Tuthill was appointed as the Ex Officio Victims’ Representative.

Her speaking engagements have included national legislative conferences, national and state conferences for criminal justice officials and advocates. Working with incarcerated high risk juvenile offenders in Florida provides her hope for the future of safe communities. Ms. Tuthill also speaks as a motivational speaker in numerous environments as well as community colleges and universities. She is a graduate from Southern Illinois University and holds a M.S. in Human Resources Management.

Pat recently accepted a position as Project Manager for Florida’s Comprehensive Approach to Managing Juvenile Sex Offenders. This program is the result of a Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant awarded to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

She also teaches Human Relations at Tallahassee Community College as an adjunct professor.

We can choose to watch things happen or make them happen.

Pat Tuthill in MSNBC Documentary

In the summer of 2007 ICAOS National Victims’ Representative, Pat Tuthill, appeared in a segment of the MSNBC prison documentary "Lockup: Holman - Extended Stay". Filmed in Alabama at the maximum security Holman Prison, Tuthill was there to help death row inmates understand the aftermath of violent crime and restorative justice. Video of this segment is used with permission from NBC and is available here. You must be a registered user of the ICAOS website and logged in to view the video.

The ‘Voice of the Victim’

Department of Justice Honors Tuthill

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The following links are intended to provide you with a good foundation in which to locate a wide range of victim’s topics. This list is not comprehensive but please feel free to suggest other websites not listed here.