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Signed into law:
June 19, 2002


Michael Potteiger

Commissioner / Compact Administrator

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Appointed Chairman of the PA Board of Probation and Parole in 2011, Michael Potteiger has more than 28 years of experience and increasing responsi

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Appointed Chairman of the PA Board of Probation and Parole in 2011, Michael Potteiger has more than 28 years of experience and increasing responsibility in the field of probation and parole. Michael began his career as a probation officer in Dauphin County in 1989 following his graduation from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. In 2002, he became the Chief Adult Probation Officer of Northumberland County. He was recognized by the PA Association of Probation, Parole and Corrections (PAPPC) as its 2006 recipient of the Probation and Parole Professional of the Year Award. In 2008, he became the Director of Adult Probation and Parole Services and was elected as the President of the Pennsylvania County Chief Adult Probation and Parole Officers Association of Pennsylvania. He  held that position until being confirmed by the Senate as a member of the Board in December, 2011. 


Deputy Compact Administrator

Kay Longenberger

DCA Parole - Outgoing PA Parole Cases

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Margaret Thompson

DCA Probation - Incoming & Outgoing County Cases

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State ICOTS Administrator

PA Parole - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Parole


PA Probation - ICOTS Administrator

ICOTS Administrator Probation


Compact Office

Doug Sior

Incoming A - G


Donna Lash

Incoming H - P


Christine Hoffman

Incoming Q - Z


Matthew Reed

Manager - Incoming Probation & Parole


Charles Eckert

Parole Manager


Michelle Hair

Probation: Outgoing County Manager


Judith Cupernall

Probation: Outgoing County Technician A - H


Michael Rivera

Probation: Outgoing County Technician I - Q


Karen Eyster

Probation: Outgoing County Technician R - Z


Victims’ Representative

Jennifer Storm

Compact Victim Advocate

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State Council


Honorable Stewart J. Greenleaf, Senator, Montgomery County
Honorable Todd Stephens, Representative
Honorable Raymond Tonkin, District Attorney, Pike County
Michael Potteiger, Interstate Compact Commissioner
Vacant, Court of Common Pleas
Vacant, Court of Common Pleas
Vacant, Office of Victim Advocate
Vacant, Chief Probation Officer
Vacant, Governor’s Office of General Counsel

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$30/mo, can be reduced or waived for exemption type situations such as poverty level income, student, collecting welfare, etc.


Effective: 07.01.16