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Signed into law: April 30, 2003

Number: IC 11-13-4.5

Offender Information
Sex Offender Registration Requirements
Indiana Sheriffs’ Sex and Violent Offender Registry

Codes relevant for sex offenders, registration, probation, parole,
lifetime parole, and GPS monitoring:

Registration Statute (IC 11-8-8)
Sexually Violent Predator Statute (IC 35-38-1-7.5)
Some Sex Offenses, Residency, and Employment Statutes (IC 35-42-4)
Various Sections on Sex Offender Conditions of Probation (IC 35-38-2)
Parole Statutes on Sex Offender Stipulations, including GPS (IC 11-13-3-4)
Lifetime Parole for Instate and Compact Offenders (IC 35-50-6-1)

State Council
  Jane Seigel, Chair, Executive Director, Indiana Judicial Center
  Rob Carter, Commissioner, Indiana Department of Corrections
  Mary Beth Bonaventura, Executive Director, Indiana Department of Child Services
  Vicki Carmichael, President, Indiana Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  Larry Landis, Executive Director, Indiana Public Defenders Council
  David Powell, Executive Director, Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council
  Laura Berry Berman, Executive Director, Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  David Murtaugh, Executive Director, Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
  Steve Luce, Executive Director, Indiana Sheriffs Association
  Joe Zakas, Legislative representative, Indiana Senate

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State Fees

Felony $15-30/mo; Misdemeanor $10-20/mo for probation

Indiana Compact Staff

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