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FY 2014 Annual Report
Contains Annual Compact Offender Statistics, Compliance Audits, Number of Offenders on Compact Supervision per State, and more.
ICAOS Compliance Audit Dashboard Reports
Use the new Compliance Audit Dashboard Reports to compare your state compliance against the national average on 6 different categories.
2014 ICAOS Rules take effect March 1, 2014.  Avail
2014 ICAOS Rules take effect March 1, 2014. Available for PDF download in English and Spanish or read online as individual web pages.
The Bench Book for Judges and Court Personnel
The Bench Book for Judges and Court Personnel is available in these digital formats: eBook for Apple Devices and Amazon Kindle, and PDF for PCs.
Rules in Step-by-Step Format
This easy-to-navigate format offers users a unique method for following, interpreting, learning, and understanding the ICAOS rules.

I want to transfer my supervision to another state. What do I do next?

Search for an offender by name or state offender ID number. Only offenders who have completed their transfer will be displayed.
Learn about Interstate Compact rules and eligibility in 10 minutes. More than 12 On-Demand Training courses are available 24/7...

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