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Signed into law: April 21, 2000

Number: KRS § 439-561

Offender Information
Sex Offender Registration Requirements
Revised Sex Offender Laws
Supervising Officers: Parolee Work for Time Credit / 04.05.12
Kentucky State Police Sex Offender Registry (SOR)

Violation Grid
Probation and Parole Violation Matrix

State Council
  Senator John Schickel, Chair, representing the Senate
  Ronald L. Washington, Vice Chair, representing members at-large
  Jennifer Ann Moore, representing members at-large
  Representative Will Coursey, representing the House of Representatives
  Connie M. Payne, representing the Judicial Branch
  Jeffrey Rogers, representing members at-large
  Lewis G. Paisley, representing members at-large
  Tammy Lou Wright, representing members at-large
  Kimberly N. Bunnell, representing the Judicial Branch
  Rhonda Henry, representing members at-large
  Rodney Ballard, Commissioner, Department of Corrections
  James Erwin, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Corrections
  Kimberly Potter-Blair, Deputy Commissioner of Support Services, Interstate Compact Commissioner

Meeting Minutes

State Fees

Based upon what was ordered by the court or parole board if the offender would have been supervised in the state of conviction. If there is not a mention of a supervision fee, Kentucky generally charges no more than $25/mo.

Kentucky Compact Staff

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