ICAOS Weekly Update Newsletter
Updates for September 15–21, 2018
No: 517

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+ State-Requested Travel Restrictions +

In the Spirit of the Compact, please contact the receiving state directly if you have an offender requesting to transfer to an area listed below. / Check for the latest updates online.
North Carolina flag+ North Carolina - Please restrict offender travel until further notice due to extensive flooding from Hurricane Florence.

Interstate Compact Office Staff may submit travel restriction requests here.

+ State Updates +

Arizona flag + Arizona - The suffix for parole email addresses is now @azadc.gov. Parole offender assignments are updated to:
  • Javier Vega / Parole Offenders: A–M
  • Cheryl Ginter / Parole Offenders: N–Z
Colorado flag + Colorado - The Interstate Compact Probation Office will be closed on Tuesday, September 25, for statewide training.

Delaware flag + Delaware - State Council minutes from the September 5 meeting, are now online. Discussion topics included:
  • Review of FY 2019 policy audit
  • Compliance audit results
  • NCIC warrant compliance audit
  • ICAOS training for judges in October
  • ICAOS East Region meeting recap
  • Annual Business Meeting preview
District of Columbia flag + District of Columbia - Updated the 16-member State Council roster.

Massachusetts flag + Massachusetts - The State Council roster is updated with new members.

Nebraska flag + Nebraska - All outgoing Interstate Compact parole cases have been assigned to Blair Hofeldt.

+ All personnel changes are updated on the individual state pages and in the Interstate Compact Office Directory PDF.

+ Compact Office Calendar - Please be aware of closures, shortened hours of operation, or the possibility of limited staff due to inclement weather, trainings, and state/national holidays.

+ Committee and Region Updates +

+ Upcoming Meetings and Events:
+ Deputy Compact Administrators Training Institute
Face-to-Face: Orlando, FL
Rm: Horizons Ballroom, Mezzanine Level
D/T: 10.01.18 / 8:30am–5:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Executive Committee
Face-to-Face: Orlando, FL
D/T: 10.01.18 / 3:15pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ ABM Tuesday Sessions
Face-to-Face: Orlando, FL
Rm: Horizons Ballroom, Mezzanine Level
D/T: 10.02.18 / 8:30am–6:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Region Meetings
Face-to-Face: Orlando, FL
D/T: 10.02.18 / 8:45am–10:15am ET
+ East Region / Agenda
    Rm: Sandy Lake, Lobby Level

+ South Region / Agenda
    Rm: Park Lake, Lobby Level

+ Midwest Region / Agenda
    Rm: Spring Lake, Lobby Level

+ West Region / Agenda
    Rm: Rock Lake, Lobby Level
+ ABM General Session
Face-to-Face: Orlando, FL
Rm: Horizons Ballroom, Mezzanine Level
D/T: 10.03.18 / 8:30am ET
Resources: Agenda / Docket Book

+ Committee Meetings
Face-to-Face: Orlando, FL
D/T: 10.03.18 / 11:00am–11:45am ET
+ Compliance Committee / Agenda
    Rm: Bay Lake, Lobby Level

+ DCA Liaison Committee / Agenda
    Rm: Rock Lake, Lobby Level

+ Finance Committee / Agenda
    Rm: Sandy Lake, Lobby Level

+ Rules Committee / Agenda
    Rm: Lakeview, Mezzanine Level

+ Technology Committee / Agenda
    Rm: Park Lake, Lobby Level

+ Training Committee / Agenda
    Rm: Spring Lake, Lobby Level

+ Commission Announcements & Reminders +

+ Annual Report - The FY 2018 edition of the Commissionís Annual Report is now available. The report includes a Letter from the Chair, a recap of the 2017 Annual Business Meeting, five year compliance trends, victim notification update, training news, photo audit summary, financial outlook, technology yielding dividends, compact cases closed with violations, offender demographics, and more.

2018 Annual Business Meeting + Look what we did to the 2018 Docket Book: Now you may pick which of the 18 individual sections you want to download. Of course, you may still download the entire Docket Book as a single file.
Other Annual Business Meeting resources:
Reminder - The 2018 ICAOS Rules:
+ Did you know...? +

Kentucky flag + The inaugural Deputy Compact Administrator Training Institute was held August 9–11, 2010 in Lexington, KY. Since 2014, the event has been held every other year in conjunction with the Annual Business Meetings in Oklahoma City (2014), Cleveland (2016), and now Orlando (2018).

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