ICAOS Weekly Update Newsletter
Updates for June 2–8, 2018
No: 502

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+ State-Requested Travel Restrictions +

In the Spirit of the Compact, please contact the receiving state directly if you have an offender requesting to transfer to an area listed below. / Check for the latest updates online.
Hawaii flag+ Hawaii - June 7–?: Due to the active Kilauea Volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and rapid evacuations, please restrict offender travel to the island of Hawai’i until further notice.

New Hampshire flag+ New Hampshire - June 9–17: Please restrict offender travel to the Lakes Region and Concord areas in NH for the 95th anniversary of Laconia Motorcycle Week.

Pennsylvania flag+ Pennsylvania - July 18–22: Please restrict offender travel to the Erie, PA area during the annual Roar on the Shore Bike Rally.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - July 26–29: Please restrict offender travel to the Las Vegas, NM area for the Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally.

New Mexico flag+ New Mexico - September 12–16: Please restrict offender travel to the Mescalero area for the Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally.

Interstate Compact Office Staff may submit travel restriction requests here.

+ State Updates +

Georgia flag + Georgia - The email address for the Parole ICOTS Administrator is updated.

Massachusetts flag + Massachusetts - Please welcome Richard Ryan, Deputy Chief Field Services for the Parole Board, as the new Deputy Compact Administrator for Parole.

Vermont flag + Vermont - Representing the Judicial Branch, Administrative Judge Brian Grearson is the newest member to the State Council.

+ All personnel changes are updated on the individual state pages and in the Interstate Compact Office Directory PDF.

+ Compact Office Calendar - Please be aware of closures, shortened hours of operation, or the possibility of limited staff due to inclement weather, trainings, and state and national holidays.

+ Committee and Region Updates +

+ Technology Committee - The June meeting of the committee will be on Wednesday, June 13, 2:00pm and includes these scheduled topics:
  • The NCIC project
  • ICOTS FY 2018 Enhancements
+ West Region DCAs - The region DCAs met on Thursday, June 7 and discussed the following:
  • Arizona’s Probable Cause Hearing Procedure guide
  • Best way to handle 7-day reporting instructions per Rule 3.103
  • Request for rule proposals
  • Call for DCAs interested in being a member of the DCA Liaison Committee
  • Update on Nevada’s NCIC process
  • Colorado ISC will become bifurcated on July 1 – stay tuned
+ Upcoming Committee and Region Meetings:
+ South Region DCAs
D/T: 06.12.18 / 2:00pm ET

+ Technology Committee
D/T: 06.13.18 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Executive Committee
D/T: 06.19.18 / 1:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda

+ Commission Announcements & Reminders +

+ Training - 2 new Compact Staff Training sessions will cover the last of the FY 2018 ICOTS enhancements (rejected case management and the new process for subsequent state transfers.) Requests for additional topics or discussions may be forwarded to the DCA Region Chairs (as requested during the last Training Committee meeting.) There will be a brief Q & A session for DCA’s, Administrators, and Compact Staff (Users with a Supervisor or PO role will be denied access).
  • Monday, June 18 @ 2:00pm ET
  • Tuesday, June 19 @ 10:00am ET
Compact Staff: Register for this training

Reminder - Who are you going to call when you have basic ICOTS questions? Need help figuring out why your browser is not displaying an ICOTS Report correctly? Need to know what online training to take so you can get an ICOTS account? For these questions, and more, contact your state’s ICOTS Administrator when you:
  • Have questions about ICOTS functionality
  • Have issues logging in to your ICOTS account
  • Need your ICOTS account password reset
  • Want to know the training requirements for ICOTS users
  • Want to report a possible ICOTS issue
  • Need technical support for browser compatibility issues with ICOTS and the ICOTS Reports Dashboard
  • Need ICOTS data entry errors corrected
Find contact information for your state ICOTS Administrator.

Reminder - Does your state council need help? Does it need more diversity in its membership background? Does it need help getting new members appointed? Does it need things to do to stay energized?

Check out the new State Council Toolkit to learn more about:
ICOTS logo Reminder - The 7th ICOTS enhancement of FY 2018 was launched on Wednesday, May 16. This enhancement prevents 2 people from simultaneously working on, and submitting, the same activity in the compact office. In more detail:

  • Currently, 2 compact office users are able to simultaneously access the same pending compact activity from the compact workload. If they both complete the activity and submit it into workflow, a duplicate is created. While this is a rarer occurrence than it was in the past, it still happens.
  • This enhancement will check to see if another compact office user has already submitted an activity into workflow when they press the “Submit” button. If not, the activity follows the normal workflow process. If so, the user is presented with an error message stating “This compact action has already been completed by another user” in a bright red box at the top of the screen. The options to take on the activity are then grayed-out.
Reminder - The 2018 ICAOS Rules:
+ This Week in Commission History +

+ The following states signed into law the ICAOS on this date:
  • Nevada – June 6, 2001 / 20th member to join
  • Hawaii – June 7, 2002 / 33rd member to join

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