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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century

• CORE: Putting all Compact Resources Together

Finding the exact information you need can sometimes feel like a guessing game. With so many choices, it is difficult to know which resource has the information you need. That's why we developed the Compact Online Resource Encyclopedia (CORE).

CORE is an innovative search index that incorporates and cross-references the ICAOS Rules, Advisory Opinions, Bench Book, White Papers, and Training Modules. Making navigation easy and intuitive, each of these main document types now has its own table of contents. Users can search for specific information and then filter it by content type, keywords, topic area or year; and, finding training modules is even easier.

Plus, downloading documents is now just as easy. Users can now download all the advisory opinions or white papers in a single document or choose only the PDF’s they need.

We hope you’ll find CORE easy to use and an excellent resource for ICAOS. Please share this tool with the officials in your state including state councils, judges or anyone needing to locate specific information about ICAOS.

View the CORE User Guide.