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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century

• 2019 Annual Business Meeting Review and Presentations

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Effective Date: April 1, 2020 / Download the Rule Proposal Guide

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ABM Presentations:
Rule Amendment Proposals Presentation
Supervision in the Receiving State
Opioid Initiative Panel


+ Region Chair Elections

Commissioners in the East, Midwest, and West Regions re-elected their respective current chairs to serve another 2-year term. These chairs are:

  • Dale Crook, VT—East
  • Russ Marlan, MI—Midwest
  • Roberta Cohen, NM—West

The South Region commissioners elected Julie Kempker, MO, to be their new region chair and thanked outgoing chair, Brody Burks, TX, for his leadership and dedication to the region.


+ Commission Awards presented at the ABM

  • Executive Chair Award
    This award is presented to a commissioner who makes essential and lasting contributions to the Commission. The individuals recognized through this award are exemplars to us all. They embody qualities of leadership, service, and commitment. They inspire us and lift the Commission through their efforts.
    Presented to: Allen Godfrey, Commissioner, MN
  • Executive Director’s Award
    The recipient of the this award exhibits outstanding leadership skills and dedication to the Interstate Commission through extraordinary service. This individual is a Compact Administrator, Deputy Compact Administrator or Compact Coordinator who promotes the Spirit of the Compact, advocates the values and mission of the Commission, demonstrates achievements in the successful movement of offenders and their reintegration into society, employs strategies for ensuring public safety, and effectively communicates with other Compact professionals.
    Presented to: Tim Strickland, DCA, FL
  • Peyton Tuthill Award
    The recipient of the Peyton Tuthill Award demonstrates exceptional leadership and service to the Interstate Commission as a legislator, victims’ advocate, law enforcement officer or other individual. While this individual is not professionally involved in the Compact, their outstanding contributions promote the mission of the Compact.
    Presented to: Lori King, Victim Advocate, OH


+ Bylaws

The Commission approved a change to Article II - Membership, Section 2 - Ex Officio Members, of the bylaws. The amendment names the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) as an ex officio member of the commission.


+ Minutes

The Commission approved the meeting minutes from the 2018 Annual Business Meeting, held in Orlando, FL.