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Minnesota Suspends Discretionary Transfer Requests, Travel Permits

minnesota dt of corrections




Effective date 3/23/2020

Adopting Authority MN Commissioner Allen Godfrey

Operations Affected Transfer requests, leisure travel, retaking/extraditions, face-to-face reporting requirements


The following temporary restrictions have been approved to begin immediately for the next 30 days:

1.    MN shall suspend all discretionary transfer requests/approvals and expedited reporting instructions/approvals both in and out of the state.  If extenuating circumstances exist to warrant the discretionary transfer or expedited reporting instructions, then states and MN staff should contact the interstate compact office to review. All mandatory transfer requests and reporting instructions will be processed according to compact rules.  Discretionary transfer requests will still be processed for offenders that are already in MN on approved reporting instructions.
2.    All leisure travel be restricted both in and out of the State of Minnesota.  Travel permits to only be issued for employment or emergency situations.
3.    Retaking and extraditions may be limited and are to be reviewed on a case by case basis to ensure the health and safety of the public, staff and offenders.  Contact the MN Interstate Compact Office as these situations occur.
4.    The MN DOC policy requiring face to face reporting requirements for mandatory reporting instructions will be amended and offenders will be directed to report by telephone instead.

Additionally, it should be noted that MN courts may be delaying or limiting court hearings and the issuance of warrants at this time.  

Many MN staff are working remotely.  Some locations are suspending or limiting face to face contacts with offenders as deemed appropriate.

Contact Information

MN field staff should contact the Interstate Compact Office at 651-361-7321 or Tracy Hudrlik at 651-361-7327(o) or 651-285-9271 (c) to discuss issues on a case by case basis.