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The ICOTS Victim Notification Service (IVINS) is a national, self-registration victim notification system for victims of interstate compact offenders and links all 50 member states and 3 territories together. IVINS makes it possible for states to keep victims notified and informed. Victims who register for the real-time text, email, and telephone notifications will receive notice of significant compact events involving the offender. Information entered into ICOTS is immediately sent to the registered victim. All interstate compact offenders are eligible for registration regardless of their supervision type (probation or parole).

  • Offender’s request for an interstate transfer;
  • Approval or denial of offender’s transfer request;
  • Withdrawal of a transfer request;
  • Offender’s authorized departure from the sending state;
  • Offender’s authorized arrival in the receiving state;
  • When the offender engages in behavior requiring retaking;
  • When there is a change in the offender’s primary address;
  • When the offender returns to the sending state;
  • Case closure (when the offender is no longer to be supervised).

Self-register with ICOTS Victim Notification Service (IVINS)

There is no cost to states to implement IVINS. Contact your state’s Interstate Compact Office or victim notification authority for more information on IVINS and its implementation.

Resources for Interstate Compact Offices and victim’s services using the admin portal (ICOTS VINEWatch) visit ICAOS Support.

Pat Tuthill in MSNBC Documentary

In the summer of 2007 ICAOS National Victims’ Representative, Pat Tuthill, appeared in a segment of the MSNBC prison documentary "Lockup: Holman - Extended Stay". Filmed in Alabama at the maximum security Holman Prison, Tuthill was there to help death row inmates understand the aftermath of violent crime and restorative justice. Video of this segment is used with permission from NBC and is available here. You must be a registered user of the ICAOS website and logged in to view the video.

The ‘Voice of the Victim’

Department of Justice Honors Tuthill

Resource Links

The following links are intended to provide you with a good foundation in which to locate a wide range of victim’s topics. This list is not comprehensive but please feel free to suggest other websites not listed here.