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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century

Rule 4.109 - Violation report(s) requiring retaking

(a) A receiving state shall notify a sending state of an act or pattern of behavior requiring retaking within 30 calendar days of discovery or determination by submitting a violation report.

(b) A violation report shall contain–

  1. offender’s name and location;
  2. offender’s state-issued identifying numbers;
  3. date(s) and description of the behavior requiring retaking;
  4. date(s), description(s) and documentation regarding the use of incentives, corrective actions, including graduated responses or other supervision techniques to address the behavior requiring retaking in the receiving state, and the offender’s response to such actions;
  5. date(s), description(s) and documentation regarding the status and disposition, if any, of offense(s) or behavior requiring retaking;
  6. date(s), description(s) and documentation of previous non-compliance, to include a description of the use of corrective actions, graduated responses or other supervision techniques;
  7. name and title of the officer making the report;
  8. if the offender has absconded, the offender’s last known address and telephone number, name and address of the offender’s employer, and the date of the offender’s last personal contact with the supervising officer and details regarding how the supervising officer determined the offender to be an absconder.
  9. supporting documentation regarding the violation.


  1. The sending state shall respond to a report of a violation made by the receiving state no later than 10 business days following transmission by the receiving state.
  2. The response by the sending state shall include action to be taken by the sending state and the date by which that action will begin and its estimated completion date.

History: Adopted November 4, 2003, effective August 1, 2004; amended September 26, 2007, effective January 1, 2008; amended October 13, 2010, effective March 1, 2011; amended August 28, 2013, effective March 1, 2014; amended September 14, 2016, effective June 1, 2017.