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Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision | Ensuring Public Safety for the 21st Century

Rule 4.107 - Fees

(a) Application fee—A sending state may impose a fee for each transfer application prepared for an offender.

(b) Supervision fee—

  1. A receiving state may impose a reasonable supervision fee on an offender whom the state accepts for supervision, which shall not be greater than the fee charged to the state’s own offenders.
  2. A sending state shall not impose a supervision fee on an offender whose supervision has been transferred to a receiving state.

References: ICAOS Advisory Opinions

14-2006 [A fee imposed by a sending state for purposes of defraying costs for sex offender registration and victim notification, not appearing to fit criteria of a “supervision fee” may be collected on Compact offenders at a sending state’s responsibility]

History: Adopted November 4, 2003, effective August 1, 2004.