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Pat Tuthill, ICAOS Victims’ Advocate, in MSNBC Documentary
Pat Tuthill Spoke to Inmates at Holman PrisonIn the summer of 2007 ICAOS National Victims’ Representative, Pat Tuthill, appeared in a segment of the MSNBC prison documentary "Lockup: Holman - Extended Stay". Filmed in Alabama at the maximum security Holman Prison, Tuthill was there to help death row inmates understand the aftermath of violent crime and restorative justice. Video of this segment is used with permission from NBC and is available here. You must be a registered user of the ICAOS website and logged in to view the video.

Peyton Tuthill Foundation

The Peyton Tuthill Foundation Accepting 2017 College Scholarship Applications
“Hearts of Hope Scholarship”

The Peyton Tuthill Foundation “Hearts of Hope Scholarship” is accepting applications for college scholarships that will be awarded July 2017 to children who have lost a sibling or parent to homicide to help them reclaim their lives. Peyton believed “that we should all leave the world a little better place than we found it.” Her legacy inspires the Foundation.

Please spread the word to young survivors and encourage them to apply for the scholarships. Download the scholarship application.
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