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What is ICOTS?

Learn about Interstate Compact rules, eligibility, and more.

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Training Overview
Interstate Compact training results in better offender management and increased public safety. Every jurisdiction, including courts, parole boards and community corrections are subject to the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision’s rules.

ICAOS develops curriculums and delivers training to the following Compact audiences:

Legal — Attorneys / Judiciary:
All courts and executive agencies in member states must enforce the Compact and take all necessary actions to effectuate its purpose. ICAOS does not impact the judicial sentencing of an offender, only how the offender is supervised across state lines.

Probation Officer / Parole Officer / Line Officer:
Requests for transfer of supervision are initiated by a direct supervising authority which typically includes a probation or parole officer or release agent for offenders requesting transfer upon release of a correctional facility. Line officers should understand how the Compact functions on a national scale and be familiar with any specific state policies.

State Council Member:
By statute, every Compact member state is required to establish a state council. This advisory body of state policy makers and experts exercise oversight and advocacy concerning operations and procedures of the Compact. Commissioners should take the lead in organizing and keeping their state councils functional.

Deputy Compact Administrator / Compact Office:
The Compact Office, in conjunction with its Commissioner, is responsible for managing the day-to-day Compact activities. Compact Office staff should be knowledgeable of the authority of the Compact and its rules. The Compact Office is also responsible for communicating with line staff on the changes to rules and policies.

A Commissioner is an agent of the Commission who is generally responsible for implementation and enforcement of the Compact in their state. A Commissioner acts as a liaison between the National Office, their state Compact Office and State Council. It is imperative that Commissioners understand their role and the policies and responsibilities of the Commission.
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