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What is ICOTS?

Learn about Interstate Compact rules, eligibility, and more.

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Receive Training, Anytime
Online, on-site, and technical assistance opportunities are available to member states. National Trainers, appointed by the Education, Training & Public Relation’s Committee, are available to provide training to all professionals impacted by the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) or involved in the interstate supervision of probationers and parolees.

Requests for training or technical assistance must be received and responded to in accordance with the Training and Technical Assistance Policy.

Online Training
Online training enables the Commission to reach audiences anytime and anywhere. Training platforms include WebEx, live instructor-led trainings, and On-Demand modules.

Live Instructor-Led (interactive)
Real-time WebEx trainings include voice and video presentations that simulate face-to-face sessions. These trainings can be arranged for a specific group or audience upon request. Go to the ICAOS WebEx calendar for information on upcoming sessions or to watch previously recorded sessions.

On-Demand Training Modules (self-paced)
On-Demand Training Modules are available in a variety of subject matters and available 24/7.

On-Site Training
Member states are responsible for training to their Line Officers, Attorneys, Judges, State Council members, administrations, and authorities on Interstate Compact rules. At the request of a member state’s Commissioner the National Office may assist by providing a National Trainer to facilitate on-site trainings or workshops. Interested individuals should contact their state’s Interstate Compact Office or Commissioner for information about on-site training opportunities.
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