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Forms FAQ
  1. SUBJECT: Form Access
    Q: I have to fill out a registration page every time I need to access the ICAOS Word Template forms. Why do I have to do this now, and is there a way around this?

    A: The reason web surfers must fill out a registration page when they access the Word Template forms is because of concern over unauthorized use and download of the ICAOS forms by offenders and their families. Many Compact Offices have had to deal with the issue of Transfer Requests and other forms being submitted directly by an offender or an offender's family member.

    This is not as annoying as it first seems. To keep from filling out the form every time you need to access the Word Template forms, all you need to do is save the Word Template page as a 'favorite bookmark' in your internet browser.

  2. SUBJECT: HTML Forms
    Q: Why were the HTML forms removed from the ICAOS website? They seemed much easier to use than the Word Template forms.

    A: The HTML forms were hosted with a third party. It was not possible to update the HTML forms along with the Word Template forms. The ICAOS forms have changed so much since the original HTML forms were created that we could no longer support the HTML forms for use with Compact business.

  3. SUBJECT: Data Entry
    Q: On Interstate Compact Transfer Packets, so many forms have the same headings, and we type the name, dates and numbers 4 or 5 times. Is there a function key that would just automatically place the data into the next document?

    A: Right now, it is not possible to populate the forms in this manner because each form stands alone and is not part of any system. However, when the system comes online it will populate all of these repetitive fields and if your state has built an interface between your system and the electronic information system it will download that information automatically.

  4. SUBJECT: HTML Forms
    Q: The Compact Action Request is found under the Word templates, but not under the HTML forms. Is the HTML version available as well?

    A: The National Office creates and hosts the Word template forms only. We do not plan to create any more HTML forms at this time.

  5. SUBJECT: Travel Permits
    Is there an adult compact travel permit (7 day) form to use listed anywhere? I believe we have been issuing a travel permit that our office created.

    A: Travel permits are the responsibility of each supervising state. The ICAOS National Office does not have any forms pertaining to travel permits.

If you have a question regarding a form that is not listed here, please contact the National Office with your inquiry.

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