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ICOTS: Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System
January 20, 2009

Withdrawing Cases & Individual Activities
The function to withdraw an entire case is now separate from the function to withdraw an individual activity. This change allows users who submitted an activity i.e. Transfer Request, Violation Report, Case Closure, etc.; to withdraw that activity while leaving the case active. Both withdraw functions are accessed from the Offender’s Profile Screen under the Compact Cases Tab.

Withdrawing an Entire Case
A Withdraw Button is available for the Sending state’s assigned user which can be found in the Action column of the Active Compact Cases table. The option to withdraw an entire case is available from the time a new case is initiated until the notification of arrival for the case is submitted. Once the Notification of Arrival activity takes place, supervisory authority within ICOTS transfers to the receiving state. After the notification of arrival is submitted, removing an entire case from the active workload is executed via the Case Closure process.

Active Compact Cases
In the above example, selecting Withdraw will remove the entire case and any pending activities from the action items for the offender.

Action Items Tab of Offender Profile
No Action Items Available for this Offender
Cases that are withdrawn can be accessed by selecting the “Show Historical Cases” box.

Show Historical Cases box
Withdrawing an Activity Only
Users can now withdraw an individual activity without withdrawing an entire case. Withdrawing an “individual activity” will only withdraw that one activity except when withdrawing a Transfer Request or a Request for Reporting Instructions which will also include its reply.

Withdrawing an Activity Only
Withdrawing a single activity (above):
  • Removes any pending actions associated with the activity
  • Prohibits the user from modifying the activity content of the withdrawn activity
  • Stops the workflow for the activity withdrawn
ICOTS will add a notation in the activity history and any associated users for the case will receive email notifications regarding the activity withdraw.

ICOTS Graphic
Previously Withdrawn Case being reactivated
In the coming week Appriss will be reactivating some cases that were previously withdrawn. Not all withdrawn cases will be reactivated, only the cases that were farthest along in the transfer process will be affected.

If one of your state’s cases is affected by this change, the supervising user (the user who is assigned the case in ICOTS) will receive an email from ICOTS notifying them of the change in case status. This email will include a description of what has happened, the offender’s name, ICOTS Case #, and case status. If the case was not withdrawn in error, then the supervising user will need to withdraw the case again. In cases where a notice of arrival was issued, the user will need to initiate the case closure process in order to remove the case from the active workload. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the National Office.

Manage Case Load
Supervisors now have greater freedom to assign and reassign cases to individuals other than their direct reports. See the ICOTS User Guide available under the Help Tab for more information.

Fixes Implemented in 2.0
  • Users should no longer experience transmission errors for:
    • Request for Reporting Instructions response submissions
    • Reassigning or Transferring cases within the Manage Case Load tab
  • The following PDF layout issues are resolved:
    • Users should no longer receive a “PDF Unavailable” message
    • The “TO”/“FROM” state labels should populate correctly
    • Fields on the Transfer Request that will populate:
      • “Lives by self”
      • Sex Offender label
      • Probationer/Parolee label
  • Changes to Email Notifications:
    • Email notification now include a case status; i.e. Approved, Denied, Accepted, Rejected
    • Email notification are now being sent for overdue 48 hours responses for Reporting Instructions
    • Users will now receive an email once an offender reaches his or her Supervision End Date
Merging/Deleting Offenders
The National Office is in the process of identifying “duplicate offender” files and each state will receive a report for review. Please note the offenders that were submitted for merging/deleting via the Excel template may still appear on this report due to processing time. Each state compact office will be required to review and identify the offender records that need to be merged or deleted. Once the report is returned to the National Office it will be forwarded to Appriss, Inc. who will do the clean up.

To help clarify the process for cleaning up duplicate offender files a WebEx training will be offered to Compact Office Users on January 29, 2009. Registration for this session is limited to one person per state. To register go to the ICAOS WebEx Site.

The Merge/Delete Template may still be used, but should only be submitted to the National Office by the state compact office.

ICOTS Training
Training Bulletins
  • Soon to be released: Subsequent or Third State Transfers: Creating a Transfer Request for an offender who is actively being supervised in another state.
  • Please be sure to read the latest Training Bulletins on ICOTS processes on the ICAOS website
Legacy Load Update
Check the ICAOS website for the latest ICOTS legacy data uploads (also available via the ICOTS Update subscription newsletter sent to all registered users of the ICAOS website).

Quick Tips
  • ICOTS determines whether the offender is in the Sending or Receiving State by the Notice of Departures and Arrivals. Completing these activities is critical to tracking the whereabouts of an offender.
  • Notice of Departures must always precede the Notice of Arrivals.
  • Supervision activities, i.e. Violation Reports, Progress Reports, are unable to be completed by the user in the receiving state until the departure and arrival are completed.
  • Sporadic transmission errors are occurring for some users when attempting to submit a notice of departure or arrival. Please report these to your compact office or designated helpdesk.

  • Those using the Mozilla Firefox browser should upgrade to version 3 as soon as possible. According to the Mozilla website, Firefox version 2 will no longer be supported /
  • Please note, only 2% of ICOTS users are impacted.
ICAOS National Office
Lexington, KY
To help clarify the cleaning up process of duplicate offender files a WebEx training will be offered to Compact Office Users on January 29, 2009. Registration for this session is limited to one person per state.

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