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Rule 4.108 - Collection of restitution, fines and other costs
(a) A sending state is responsible for collecting all fines, family support, restitution, court costs, or other financial obligations imposed by the sending state on the offender.

(b) Upon notice by the sending state that the offender is not complying with family support and restitution obligations, and financial obligations as set forth in subsection (a), the receiving state shall notify the offender that the offender is in violation of the conditions of supervision and must comply. The receiving state shall inform the offender of the address to which payments are to be sent.

ICAOS Advisory Opinion
14-2006 [A fee imposed by a sending state for purposes of defraying costs for sex offender registration and victim notification, not appearing to fit criteria of a “supervision fee” may be collected on Compact offenders at a sending state’s responsibility. A receiving state would be obligated for notifying the offender to comply with such financial responsibility under Rule 4.108 (b)]

History: Adopted November 4, 2003, effective August 1, 2004.

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