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Legal Overview
Advisory Opinions
Any state may submit an informal written request to the executive director for assistance in interpreting the rules of this compact. The executive director may seek the assistance of legal counsel, the executive committee, or both, in interpreting the rules. The executive committee may authorize its standing committees to assist in interpreting the rules. Interpretations of the rules shall be issued in writing by the executive director or the executive committee and shall be circulated to all of the states. / Advisory Opinion Policy / Advisory Opinions

Dispute Resolutions
Parties shall submit a written request to the executive director for assistance in resolving the controversy or dispute. The executive director shall provide a written response to the parties within ten business days and may, at the executive director’s discretion, seek the assistance of legal counsel or the executive committee in resolving the dispute. The Executive Committee may authorize its standing committees or the Executive Director to assist in resolving the dispute or controversy. / Dispute Resolutions.

Bench Book for Judges
The ICAOS Bench Book for Judges was first published in 2005 by the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision. The Bench Book presents an overview of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, implications for the Court, returning offenders to a sending state, and liability/immunity issues in regards to ICAOS.
  • The Bench Book for Judges is available online in PDF at no charge.
  • To order a hard copy of the Bench Book for Judges visit the ICAOS online store.
ICAOS Liability Whitepaper
Why Your State Can Be Sanctioned Upon Violation of the Compact or the ICAOS Rules—The Commission is empowered to monitor compliance with the interstate compact and its duly promulgated rules, and where warranted to initiate interventions to address and correct noncompliance. Common misconceptions regarding the rules and the authority of the rules have led to violations of the compact.

ICAOS Retaking Whitepaper
Discharge of Sentences in Lieu of Retaking is a Violation of the Compact and the ICAOS Rules—This legal analysis serves as a resource to document both the requirements of the retaking rules and the obligations of the compact states to do so because of the legal authority and binding nature of the compact and compact rules on the member states. This document emphasizes that discharging a sentence of a compact offender, instead of retaking and returning the offender to the sending state, is a violation of ICAOS rules and as a reminder of the legal consequences of non-compliance and sanctions which the Commission is authorized to impose on an offending state under the terms of the compact.
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