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StatusPennsylvania Flag
Signed into law: June 19, 2002

Number: 61 Pa. C.S.A. § 7112

Offender Information
Philadelphia - Felony Registration Code

Sex Offender Information
PA Registration Tiers / 10.10.14

Violation Grid
Violation Sanctioning Grid / Updated: 06.2014

State Council
  Vacant, Court of Common Pleas
  Honorable Stewart J. Greenleaf, Senator, Montgomery County
  Vacant, Compact Administrator
  Jill E. Rangos, Commons Pleas Judge
  Sean R. Ryan, Chief Probation Officer
  Representative Todd Stephens
  Jennifer Storm, Office of Victim Advocate
  Raymond Tonkin, District Attorney, Pike County
  Christine Wechsler, Governor’s Office of General Counsel

Meeting Documents
04/19/10 | 08/05/10 | 03/21/11 | 08/22/11 | 04/30/12 | 04/02/13

State Fees

$30/mo, can be reduced or waived for exemption type situations such as poverty level income, student, collecting welfare, etc.

Pennsylvania Compact Staff

Commissioner | Compact Administrator | DCA | Other Compact Staff | All State Contacts

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