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Signed into law: June 6, 2001

Number: NRS 213-215

Standard Terms & Conditions of NV Supervision (Parole) / 12.11.15
Standard Terms & Conditions of NV Supervision (Probation) / 12.11.15
Area Code Overlay Approved for the Nevada 702 Area Code / 04.29.14

Offender Information
Sex Offender Registration Requirements
NV Criminal Registration Information & Clark County / Las Vegas, NV
NV Criminal Registration Information & Washoe County / Reno, NV
NRS 176A.410 - Required Terms and Conditions for Sex Offenders (Probation)
NRS 213.1245 - Prisoner Convicted of Sexual Offense: Mandatory Conditions of Parole

State Council
  Shawn Arruti, Commissioner / Compact Administrator / DPS Captain
  Rebecca Salazar, Victim Advocate, Executive Branch
  Vacant, Victim Advocate, Executive Branch
  Meredith Beresford, Executive Branch
  Senator David R. Parks, State Senate, Legislative Branch
  Assemblyman John Hambrick, State Assembly, Legislative Branch
  Honorable Scott N. Freeman, District Court Judge, Judicial Branch

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State Fees



GPS Monitoring

Nevada has the ability to supervise offenders required to be supervised with GPS technology. Nevada has contracted with a provider for GPS monitoring equipment and services. This program is offender funded. The offender is required to pay a daily rate that averages between $13–$16/day (depending on the equipment required). This rate is in addition to the $30/mo supervision fee that is statutorily required.

Violation Grid

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