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Signed into law: April 22, 2002

Number: WSA 304-16

Sex Offender Registrants Who Wish to Reside, Work or Attend School within Wisconsin / 08.24.14

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  Tracy Hudrlik, Chair and Secretary, Commissioner/Compact Administrator, Department of Corrections
  Stephanie Hove, Victims Representative
  David Rabe, Executive Representative
  Hon. Michael Bohren, Judicial Representative
  Vacant, Legislative Representative

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The State of Wisconsin–Division of Community Corrections has recently updated its Rules of Community Supervision. Because there are substantial changes to the rules, we are requiring our staff to review and sign the new version of the rules with all current offenders, including those supervised in another state under interstate compact. Wisconsin staff will soon be sending CARs with the new rules attached, asking that the supervising officer/agent in the receiving state review the new rules with the offender and have them sign and date the rules. If there are multiple pages, the offender should initial all pages prior to the signature page.

Signed rules can be returned to the Wisconsin Agent via attachment in a CAR Response, with a copy to the offender. Please note that the receiving state should retain and not destroy the original signature rules in their files, should Wisconsin have a need for the original in the future.

In the event that an offender refuses to sign the rules, the staff person should secure the presence of another staff or witness and read, in full, the rules to the offender. The other staff or witness will note on the bottom of the Rules that in his/her presence, the rules were read to the offender, and will sign the form and date it. A signed copy will be provided to the offender.

All Wisconsin offenders must have the new rules signed and in place prior to October 1, 2014. Wisconsin requests all compact offices pass this information on to their local staff. Thank you for your assistance.

Tracy Hudrlik
Corrections Services Supervisor
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

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