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Signed into law: June 26, 2002

Number: 45 ILCS 170

Offender Information
Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Violation Grid
Parole Sanction Matrix

State Council
  Mrs. Dara Matson, Commissioner
  Mrs. Holly Kassube, DCA IL Office of the Courts/Probation
  Mr. Tim Christianson, Chief of Parole, Department of Corrections
  Ms. Eva Moore, Member, Department of Juvenile Justice
  Ms. Tomiko Frierson, Interstate Compact Administrator, Department of Juvenile Justice
  Karrie Reuter, Member, Associate Director, Div. of Family and Community Services—Juvenile Justice
  Mr. Richard Adkins, Office of IL Courts, Member/Probation Rep

State Fees

Up to $50, depending on supervising department’s fee schedule (probation only)

$125 (probation only)
Illinois Compact Staff

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