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Rhode Island
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Signed into law: June 25, 2002

Number: RI ST 13-9.1-1

Offender Information
Sex Offender Registration Requirements

State Council
  A.T. Wall – Director, Dept. of Corrections; Commissioner, ICAOS; Chair, State Council
  Honorable Nettie Vogel – Associate Justice, Superior Court
  Senator Paul Jabour – Legislative Representative
  Kathleen Kelly, Esq. – Chief Legal Counsel, Dept. of Corrections
  Margaret Langhammer – Victim Advocate
  Shelley Cortese – Associate Director, Dept. of Corrections
  Laura Queenan – Deputy Compact Administrator, Dept. of Corrections
  Stephanie Vitale – Probation Aide, Interstate Compact Office, Secretary
  Adrienne McGowan – Supervisor, Interstate Compact Office
  Patrick Youngs, Esq. – Assistant Attorney General, Attorney General’s Office
  Matthew Toro, Esq. – Public Defender’s Office
  Ana Pinto-Perry – Extradition Officer, Attorney General’s Office

Meeting Documents
09/29/04 | 11/12/09 | 11/10/11 | 09/18/13

State Fees


$60 Application Transfer Processing Fee to each offender who is transferred out of state
Rhode Island Compact Staff

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