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Signed into law: June 30, 2003

Number: Delaware Code, Title 11, Chapter 43, §4358 and §4359

State Council
  Alan Grinstead, Bureau Chief of Community Corrections
  John Sebastian, Deputy Bureau Chief of Community Corrections / DCA
  Honorable Andrea Rocanelli, Superior Court
  Bruce Ennis, State Senator
  James “JJ” Johnson, State Representative
  Kim Book, Executive Director of Victims’ Voices Heard Inc.
  Vacant, Probation & Parole Victim Services Coordinator
  Wm. Craig Watson, DOC Interstate Compact Coordinator / Compact Administrator

Meeting Documents
07/26/11 | 03/27/12 | 11/27/12 | 04/23/13 | 03/11/14 | 02/24/15 | 11/18/15

State Fees

All offenders on probation or parole supervision are assessed $200. All consecutive probations where no break in supervision occurs will not be cause for another assessment.

Offenders transferred to DE will be assessed $200 regardless of the period of supervision. Same fee for 3mos. or 30yrs., as long as there is no break in supervision.

$50 Parole or Probation
Delaware Compact Staff

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