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Responsible to act as the liaison between the Commissioners and the Deputy Compact Administrators. Ensure communication and feedback is forwarded appropriately and provide training opportunities for the Deputy Compact Administrators.

West Region DCAs Meeting:
02/27/17 @ 2:00pm ET: Agenda / Calendar

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DCA Liaison Committee Chair Tracy Hudrlik, WI Chair
Tracy Hudrlik
Commissioner, Wisconsin
Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency

Tracy Hudrlik graduated from University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice. She began her career with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in 1993 as a Probation and Parole Agent. She moved to Minnesota and was employed as a Probation Officer there from 1995-1999. Returning to Wisconsin in 1999, she has served as Probation and Parole Agent, Staff Program Development Specialist, 2nd Chance Act Coordinator and Reentry Employment Coordinator before holding her current position as Corrections Services Supervisor/Interstate Compact Administrator. Tracy has been the Interstate Compact Administrator/Corrections Services Supervisor for the Division of Community Corrections since May 2013. In this capacity, Tracy oversees the Interstate Compact functions and serves on the Rules Committee. In addition to interstate compact, Tracy is responsible for the development and oversight of offender programming, education, employment and reentry activities for the Division of Community Corrections. Tracy also represents the Division on several work groups and planning committees that guide the implementation of evidence based practices and initiatives.

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Upcoming Meetings

+ Midwest Region
D/T: 02.21.17 / 2:00pm ET
Resources: Agenda / Contact

+ Technology Committee
D/T: 02.23.17 / 2:00pm ET
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+ West Region DCAs
D/T: 02.27.17 / 2:00pm ET
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