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Ad Hoc: Misdemeanor Committee
The Misdemeanor Ad Hoc Committee has completed its work.

At the annual business meeting held in Little Rock, AR in November 2003, Interstate Commission Chair David Guntharp formed a Misdemeanor Committee (ad hoc). This group was charged with reviewing misdemeanor issues and making recommendations to the rules committee. These recommendations were considered in re-drafting the rule regarding misdemeanant supervision.

12/09/03 | 01/08/04 | 01/14/04

Jim Cosby / Commissioner/Compact Administrator, Tennessee
Doreen Geiger / Commissioner/Compact Administrator, Washington
Tina Hayes / Commissioner/Compact Administrator, Florida
Ben Martinez / Commissioner/Compact Administrator, Pennsylvania
Warren Emmer / Commissioner/Compact Administrator, North Dakota
Don Blackburn / Executive Director, ICAOS
Pat Tuthill / Ex Officio - Victims Representative, Florida
David Guntharp / Ex Officio - Commissioner/Compact Administrator, Arkansas
Kathie Winckler / Ex Officio - Commissioner, Texas
Rick Masters / Ex Officio - Legal Counsel, CSG


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